2016, October 5, KMC, Linköping, Sweden.

Final Project Demonstration of beyond the state of the art perimeter protection using thermal, visual and radar sensors combined into a system that detects, classifies and tracks hostile activity around a perimeter. The system concepts demonstrated works robustly under a wide range of weather and lighting conditions and will be demonstrated against a number of credible attack scenarios based on requirements provided by CAST, OKG and our stakeholders. The protection scenario has general interest for critical infrastructure protection, although it is mainly inspired by the OKG power plant in Oskarshamn. See the Demo ProgramPDF.


2016 April 20, Home Office Centre for Apllied Science and Tecnology (CAST), Horseham, UK.

The first of P5's two planned final demonstrations was held at the Home Office Centre for Apllied Science and Tecnology (CAST), Horseham, UK.


 2015, December, Visual Object Tracking Challenge in Thermal Infrared
The re-occuring Visual Object Tracking Challenge took place in Santiago, Chile, in December 2015, this time with a sub-challenge (VOT-TIR) for tracking in thermal infrared imagery. P5 partner Termisk Systemteknik contributed to the organization of the workshop, in particular with the dataset (LTIR). Termisk Systemteknik participated with the ABCD tracker developer in P5, and ended up on 6th place (out of 23 submitted trackers).


2015, August, P5 presented at Industrial Surveillance Day
The P5 projects has now been going on for two years, and the outcomes so far were presented at the Industrial Surveillance Day in conjunction with the AVSS conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. See More


2015, August, P5 demonstrations at the AVSS conference
During the Industrial Surveillance Day in conjunction with the AVSS conference, results from P5 were shown with posters, roll-ups and demonstrations. See More


2015, August, Benchmark for tracking in thermal imagery published
P5 have developed a reference data set, LTIR, with thermal image sequences from various sources as well as a methodology for benchmarking tracking methods. See More


2015, May, IMST release Radar Application note, "Surveillance of Taxiway Crossing at Airport Cologne/Bonn".
IMST GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics(FKIE) made a radar/video test campaign at the airport Cologne/Bonn. The system controls airport supply vehicle traffic that must cross the aircraft taxiway. If the sensors detect any objects (e.g.suitcases or other goods in transit), persons or vehicles, the intersection will remain closed to aircraftsuntil the areas has been cleared. DownloadPDF


2015, March, Workshop on ethical and legal issues in surveillance, Namur, Belgium.
The University of Namur was in charge of a workshop on ethical and legal issuse dedicated to the P5 project together with the IPATCH and PARIS projects. 


2015, March, P5 presentation at Wildlife Security Kick-off, Kolmården, Sweden.
The wildlife security project develop surveillance techniques for protecting wildlife against poachers.


2015, January 25, CPPD, Brussels, Belgium.
The University of Namur was in charge of a panel at the international conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference ( in Brussels dedicated to the P5 project together with IPATCH


2014, November, P5 Data Acquisition, Oskarshamn, Sweden.
Major data acquisition at the OKG nuclear powerplant, Oskarshamn, Sweden


2014, June, P5 Data Acquisition, Horseham, UK.
Major data acquisition at CAST evaluation facilities in Horseham, UK.  


2013, November 11, TAMSEC, Stockholm, Sweden.
We had a poster at the TAMSEC, National Symposium on Technology and Methodology for Security and Crisis Managementexternal link, opens in new window, Read the abstract herePDF.


2013, September 13, P5 Kick-Off

2013, September 13, P5 Kick-Off

The P5 project started August 1st 2013 and had it's kick-off at FOI in Linköping, Sweden, September 3-5. During the three day meeting, there was time for a study visit to the nuclear plant and spent fuel management facility outside Oskarshamn.